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          Overseas Market

              As the largest brake friction product manufacture in China ,Shandong Gold Phoenix Co.,Ltd has more than 20 years of exporting experience. Over 80% of our products are exported to more than 70 countries around the world, including: Europe, USA, Australia and Middle East. Shandong Gold Phoenix Co.,Ltd is being the excellent supplier with more and more famous global customers.

              Eu countries is the largest overseas market, Shandong Gold Phoenix meets the requirements of its market admittance of brake products. Over 1500 items of brake pads and 300 items of brake shoes approved by ECE R90 ,make the enterprise with the most approvals in China. Applications for the brake discs is also on the way.

              For the purpose of customer-focused, Shandong Gold Phoenix Co.,Ltd integrates all kinds of company resources, satisfy the personalized needs of customers with quality products and customized services. We are willing to grow together with our valued customers for mutual benefit and win-win!

          The domestic market

              Shandong Gold Phoenix Co.,Ltd owns the domestic brands LPB, LJP and JSA .The after-sales market operation is responsible by the domestic Marketing Department, which consists of three brand operations, two network operation platform, two stores, with professional talents in market development, market maintenance and after-sales service, product development, data analysis, research, planning and other areas in this industry.

              LPB brake, getting you home safely. The slogan has been a household name. Sales network covering 32 provincial administrative region, more than 90 cities in the whole country,. LPB brand has become a leading brand of domestic brake industry.


              LJP brand always adheres to prefecture level for distribution centers, by deeper penetrating channels, and perfecting quality .It has remained the growth rate of over 40% within three years in a row , created the famous “LJP growth speed”

              JSA is a brand of brake discs of Shandong God Phoenix Co.,Ltd. Adhering to the development strategy of high starting point and quality emphasizing, JSA is the perfect extension of brake industry chain .It provides customers the perfect braking system solutions, and will lead domestic brake disc industry towards a more healthy development.

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